7 essential audible and visible cues from worship leaders that amplify your praise

THOUGH SOME HAVE PURSUED TO AN EXTREME THE MYSTIFYING ART OF "INVISIBLE" WORSHIP "LEADING," PERHAPS A BALANCED APPROACH IS MORE EFFECTIVE. The worship leader is a minister for a people and a purpose greater than himself; his role and responsibility is to lead the people of God into the presence of God.


3 reasons people suffer, 2 responses, and 1 divine purpose

IN THE UTTER BLACKNESS OF BITTER SORROW, THE FOUNDATIONS OF EVEN THE STRONGEST OF CHRISTIANS ARE SHAKEN. Unbroken Christians often struggle to relate to the psalms of lament and to the grieving... Many of us know all too well that there is a time when it seems all we can do is to weep, and amidst the weeping to wonder, “Why?”

1 incredible way worship leaders rob the church, and 2 simple solutions

IN SOME CHURCHES, THE ONLY PERSON WHO EVER HAS THE PRIVILEGE OF SINGING THE PITHY FIRST PHRASE OF A SONG IS THE LEADER. While many have debated where the line is between trying to turn the church into a choral group and neglecting the music entirely, there ought to be one thing we all agree upon--if it is worship from the heart, the words matter above all else.

Strange Sunday: the day the preacher and the worship leader traded places

ONE STRANGE SUNDAY MORNING, A PREACHER NAMED "DON" AND A WORSHIP LEADER NAMED "KEVIN" AWOKE TO A SCARY SURPRISE. Don and Kevin had somehow traded places. Don was in Kevin's body and Kevin was in Don's body. Shocked and confused, they eventually figured out what had somehow happened as they greeted one another awkwardly in … Continue reading Strange Sunday: the day the preacher and the worship leader traded places

Unquenchable thirst

SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE LIFE IS AN UNQUENCHABLE THIRST. Can you relate? It seems that the things in this world never quite satisfy. Even if I feel satisfied for a while, it never seems to last. There is an abiding, deep need that I constantly feel; or at least when I am mindful enough to sense it.

13 attributes of a worship leader, and 13 hindrances

SOME HAVE SAID THERE ARE LEVELS OF WORSHIP LEADERS: SONG STARTERS, SONG LEADERS, AND WORSHIP LEADERS. While these suggested distinctions were contrived by men, they do perhaps help us understand how a worship leader may grow and mature in his ministry.  I hope to illustrate the lifelong nature of growing as a worship leader and … Continue reading 13 attributes of a worship leader, and 13 hindrances