3 reasons people suffer, 2 responses, and 1 divine purpose

IN THE UTTER BLACKNESS OF BITTER SORROW, THE FOUNDATIONS OF EVEN THE STRONGEST OF CHRISTIANS ARE SHAKEN. Unbroken Christians often struggle to relate to the psalms of lament and to the grieving... Many of us know all too well that there is a time when it seems all we can do is to weep, and amidst the weeping to wonder, “Why?”


Singing under the stars 17

CHRIST IS THE WORLD'S LIGHT   Light descending John 1:1-9 78 Praise Christ by whom the worlds were framed 205 Immanuel, God with Us 198 Exalted   Light proclaiming John 8:12 664 - He Leadeth Me (1, 3, C, 4, C) 32 - How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts 67 - Christ is the World's … Continue reading Singing under the stars 17

Every knee shall bow

SOME PROFESSED CHRISTIANS WILL BOW BEFORE THE LORD FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE DAY OF JUDGMENT. While our worship need not be a mere public display of emotion and sensationalism, I cannot help but believe that our restrained tradition is lacking something significant.