Elevate worship: evangelize, edify, exalt!

“Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

HOW IMPORTANT IS WORSHIP IN THE CHURCH? Often, worship is last on a church’s budget, if it is listed at all. Other churches invest time and resources in their worship because they understand its pinnacle position in the work God gave to his people. The featured chart serves to illustrate the place and purpose of worship in the church, as found in the pattern of the New Testament writings.

Church model v7

The vision of the church is God with his people for eternity in Heaven.

The purpose of the church is to glorify God.

The mission of the church is to carry the good news to lost and hurting people who desperately need to know the Lord.

The values of the church are found in the eternal truth of God’s word.

The foundation of the church is Jesus Christ.

Worship evangelizes the community. Our songs carry the message of the gospel to the hearts of our visitors in powerful ways. The singing reinforces the message and gives people an opportunity to respond, to confess, to themselves proclaim the good news, and to begin to participate with the church in encouragement and praise! The simple fact is, many visitors will be turned away from a church that offers poor singing. Conversely, they may be drawn in to a church that loves to sing and sings well.

Worship edifies the church. Our songs contain deep and eternal truths from the word of God. Many are gleaned word for word from scripture. Music has a way of helping us express our passion and feelings to God and one another. Singing also helps us hide the word of God in our hearts, just where we need it in order to stay close to God day by day, hour by hour. Our lives are changed by true and spiritual worship, all to the glory of God.

Worship exalts God. Never is our purpose more directly fulfilled than when we worship. The greatest reason we worship is to lift up our great God. Worship is our opportunity to enter the throne room of Heaven, to look upon our Father, and to express our gratitude.

Please consider a few questions that may aid in honestly evaluating what priority you place on worship. The intent is to discover opportunities to elevate your worship. If you feel you and your church can improve, do not be discouraged! Let your epiphany inspire positive change in your own relationship with God and the efforts of your local church to elevate worship, evangelize your community, edify your church, and exalt our awesome God!

As a Church

  • What level of planning and preparation goes in to your worship?
  • What is your criteria for selecting worship leaders, or do you have criteria?
  • What is your criteria for selecting the content (especially songs) of your worship, or do you have criteria?
  • Is the Spirit openly working and manifested in your spirit (intellect, emotion, will) as you praise?
  • Where does worship fall in your annual budget, or is it listed at all?
  • Do you have a training program for your worship leaders or send them to intensive training seminars?
  • Do you have a training program for your church to learn new songs, basics of music, and worship theology?
  • Is your facility adequately equipped to facilitate versus impede the worship (e.g. acoustics, audio/visual, free of distractions)?

As a Christian

  • Do you look forward to worship each week and make every effort to participate?
  • Do you arrive early and well rested, ready to give the Lord your best?
  • Is the Spirit openly working and manifested in your spirit (intellect, emotion, will) as you praise?
  • Do you give generously to support the work and worship of the church?
  • Do you volunteer your time to help with the worship activities or behind the scenes preparation?
  • Do you invite your friends, coworkers, and neighbors?
  • Do you go into your week with a song in your head that gives your heart a subtle smile?
  • Do you listen to worship music during the week?
  • Do you worship at home with your family?

As a Worship Leader

  • Do you prepare diligently and adequately?
  • Do you practice what you preach in song?
  • Do you consider what is best for your church?
  • Do you submit to your leadership?
  • Do you partner with your fellow ministers?
  • Do you give careful thought and care to selecting quality songs that are well written, musically of the highest quality, suitable to your congregation’s culture and ability, and theologically sound?
  • Is the Spirit openly working and manifested in your spirit (intellect, emotion, will) as you praise?
  • Do you devote yourself to ongoing training and improvement?
  • Are you willing to yield to other leaders if it is best for the church and the kingdom?

Christ for the wold we sing;
The world to Christ we bring
With loving zeal–
The poor and them that mourn,
The faint and overborne,
Sin-sick and sorrow worn,
Whom Christ doth heal.

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