A collection of sacred music

As a sacred music enthusiast, I have collected numerous compilations of music that has been sung in churches of Christ over the past 152 years. It is a joy to me to pour over the pages of these hymnals and to sing songs new and old. I have not listed every copy here, nor every variation. But I have largely adhered to an edited collection of major hymnals in the churches of Christ in the United States as compiled by Levi Sisemore. I also have collected various supplements, hymn story books, worship music instructional books and workbooks, and worship theology books which have served to edify greatly as I strive to serve in worship leading. I share this catalog for the enjoyment of other hymn enthusiasts.

1856/69     Christian Hymnbook (Alexander Campbell)

1882     The Christian Hymnal* (American Christian Missionary Society) – Digital only

1882     New Christian Hymn and Tune (Fillmore Brothers)

1905      Gloria in Excelsis Abridged (William E.M. Hackleman)

1905      Gloria in Excelsis Unabridged (William E.M. Hackleman)

1921      Great Songs of the Church I (E. L. Jorgenson)

1923      Choice Gospel Hymns (Charles Mitchell Pullias, Gospel Advocate Co.)

1935      Christian Hymns I (L.O. Sanderson, Gospel Advocate Co.)

1937      Great Songs of the Church II (E. L. Jorgenson)

1940     Complete Christian Hymnal (Marion Davis)

1948     Christian Hymns II (L.O. Sanderson, Gospel Advocate Co.)

1956      Sacred Selections (Ellis J. Crum, Sacred Songs Press)

1959      Majestic Hymnal II (Reuel Lemmons)

1963      Abiding Hymns (Robert C. Welch)

1963      Christian Hymnal (J. Nelson Slater)

1966     Christian Hymns III (L.O. Sanderson, Gospel Advocate Co.)

1971     Songs of the Church (Alton Howard)

1975     Great Songs of the Church II, with supplement (Abilene Christian Univ.)

1978     Hymns of Praise (Reuel Lemmons, Firm Foundation)

1983     Church Gospel Songs and Hymns† (V.E. Howard)

1986     Great Songs of the Church, Revised (Jack Boyd)

1987     Hymns for Worship (R.J. Stevens)

1990     Songs of the Church, 21st Century Edition (Alton Howard)

1992      Praise for the Lord (John P. Wiegand)

1993      Songs of Faith and Praise (Alton Howard)

1995      Hymns for Worship, Revised (R.J. Stevens)

1997      Praise for the Lord, Revised (John P. Wiegand)

2007     Sacred Songs of the Church (W.D. Jeffcoat)

2010     Songs for Worship and Praise (R.J. Taylor)

2012     Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs (Sumphonia)

*Published in 1882 as a revised and notated version of Cambell’s Christian Hymnbook

† Published as a revision of Gospel Songs and Hymns (1978)


2 thoughts on “A collection of sacred music

  1. To the author,
    I am the youngest grandson of G.H.P. Showalter. I just wanted to add a couple of titles to your list. “New Wonderful Songs” – 1944 (ed. G.H.P. Showalter – Firm Foundation Publishing House); “Majestic Hymnal” – 1953 (first edition – ed. G.H.P. Showalter – Firm Foundation Publishing House) – God bless!

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