Singing under the stars 17

CHRIST IS THE WORLD'S LIGHT   Light descending John 1:1-9 78 Praise Christ by whom the worlds were framed 205 Immanuel, God with Us 198 Exalted   Light proclaiming John¬†8:12 664 - He Leadeth Me (1, 3, C, 4, C) 32 - How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts 67 - Christ is the World's … Continue reading Singing under the stars 17

Warrior God

OUR GOD IS A WARRIOR GOD.  If perhaps our first thought of God is to think that he is nice, we would do well to learn of him as he has revealed himself throughout scripture. Jehovah is not the God portrayed in Hallmark cards and Christmas carols. He is a loving God, but he is also mighty.